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Pool Renovation Ideas From Drab to Fab: Pool Contractor Makeover

Hey there, pool party people! If you're tired of the same old pool vibes and craving a poolside paradise makeover, you've come to the right place! As your pool-loving pal, I'm here to sprinkle some pool magic and show you how a pool contractor makeover can turn your drab pool into a fab oasis. So, grab your shades, and let's dive into some pool renovation ideas that'll make your heart flutter!

Decked Out Pool Decks

Let's start with the heart of your pool – the pool deck! If your deck is giving off "meh" vibes, it's time for a decked-out transformation. Add some flair with stylish tiles, stamped concrete, or even eco-friendly pavers for a green touch. Trust me; a deck makeover will make your pool party guests say, "Wowza!"

I once had a client with a simple concrete deck that looked, well, plain. We gave it a facelift with some eye-catching tiles and voila! The deck became the poolside runway, with everyone strutting their stuff like poolside models.

Sparkling Pool Resurfacing

Is your pool plaster looking a bit lackluster? Fear not – pool resurfacing is here to save the day! With a fresh coat of plaster or pebble finish, your pool will go from "seen it all" to "Oh, la la!" Choose a color that matches your pool's personality, and you'll have a sparkling water wonderland in no time.

I remember one pool resurfacing project where we opted for a stunning aqua-blue pebble finish. The moment we filled the pool, it was like diving into the Caribbean Sea. The homeowner couldn't stop smiling, and that made our pool contractor's hearts do a happy dance!

Water Feature Wonders

If your pool is missing that "wow" factor, water features are here to make a splash! From elegant waterfalls to playful fountains, these aquatic wonders add a touch of magic to any pool. Cue the relaxing sounds of water trickling down, and you've got a poolside paradise straight out of a dream.

Once, we surprised a client with a sheer descent waterfall. The look on their face, when they saw the water gently cascading down, was priceless. It turned their ordinary pool into a mini-resort, and they spent countless evenings basking in the waterfall's beauty.

Lighting Love Affair

Let's talk about mood lighting – the secret ingredient to a fabulous pool makeover. Whether it's underwater LED lights that change colors like a chameleon or twinkling string lights dancing around your pool, lighting sets the mood for a night of poolside enchantment.

I had a client who loved hosting pool parties but felt that the pool lacked pizzazz after sunset. We installed some whimsical floating LED balls in the pool and string lights around the deck. The transformation was like stepping into a fairytale, and those pool parties turned into legendary gatherings!

Landscape Luxuries

What's a fabulous pool without some lush landscaping? Greenery, palms, and tropical plants can turn your pool area into a private oasis. It's like bringing a slice of paradise to your backyard, where you can lounge like a poolside VIP.

In one project, we designed a tropical-themed pool area with palm trees swaying in the breeze. The homeowner said it felt like they were on vacation every time they stepped into their backyard. Mission accomplished – we love bringing the vacation vibes home!


There you have it, pool party peeps – a pool makeover that goes from drab to fab with a little pool contractor magic! Deck out your pool deck, resurface your pool to sparkle, add captivating water features, set the mood with enchanting lighting, and surround yourself with lush landscaping. Your poolside oasis will become the talk of the town, and your heart will do a happy dance every time you step into your newly transformed pool.

So, grab that pool float, sip your favorite drink, and bask in the pool paradise you've created. Happy pool makeovers, my fabulous friends!

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