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Welcome to Sunkissed Pools, Patios, and Outdoor Kitchens 

A few years ago, my husband and I embarked on a mission to bring the joys of a pool to our own backyard. The search for the perfect pool proved to be a daunting task, as we visited numerous pool companies, hoping to find a company that would meet our family's needs. However, each visit left us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about making such a significant investment.


Determined to find a solution, I turned to my husband, the owner of our sister company, Gulf South Design Group. With their extensive expertise in site development and landscape construction, along with their experience overseeing pool installations, I questioned why they couldn't install our pool themselves. In fact, Gulf South Design Group already possessed all the necessary equipment, and the only missing piece was someone to manage the pool business.


And so, Sunkissed Pools, Patios, and Outdoor Kitchens was born. Recognizing the opportunity, I took it upon myself to open and operate the pool business, leveraging the knowledge and experience of Gulf South Design Group to bring dreams to life. Our primary focus has always been building strong customer relationships, placing their needs at the forefront of everything we do. At Sunkissed, we believe in providing exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire process.


Our collaboration with Gulf South Design Group makes us an ideal pair, combining the expertise and experience needed to turn your outdoor living dreams into reality. As a woman-owned and family-operated business, we take immense pride in the connections we've established with our customers, many of whom have become cherished friends. In fact, some have even invited our boys to test the waters, symbolizing the trust and confidence they have in our work.


We are committed to creating the perfect space for you and your family, reducing your stress and ensuring that you enjoy the transformation from start to finish. While my personal pool dreams may have been put on hold to build this business, I look forward to the day when my boys can jump into our very own backyard oasis.


Choose Sunkissed Pools, Patios, and Outdoor Kitchens and let us exceed your expectations. Together, we'll make your outdoor living dreams come true.

More about our company:

Although creating pools, patios, and outdoor kitchens is serious work, we always find ways to have fun! We have hard-working employees and we try to provide them with a fun work environment as often as possible. When the schedule allows, we kick back for our Friday cookouts where Adam likes to through some meat in the smoker or a big pot of Crawfish. You can usually find our guys playing a friendly game of soccer with the kids after work or cooking us their favorite dishes. The dogs even like to join in on our fun. We like to call Adam and Landon, "The Daddy Daycare" because they usually have at least one of the dogs in the truck every day. We take a lot of pride in our business and we are so grateful that our friends, families, and employees have supported us through the process of growing it into what it is today!

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